Cora (bluevelvetcrush) wrote,

The words

they are a coming. Last night was the first time all semester I was able to construct some coherent thoughts on the first try. My writing has been word vomit this entire semester, and I have been afraid of writing 300-500 word response papers that in previous years I have been able to spit out in 30 minutes. I sat down to write a response to beloved last night, and it turned into a paper. I was actually interested in what I had to say. My crappy writing skills maybe be the reason I have neglected to write in here, because I just haven't been able to express anything witty or interesting. Maybe 2005 will be a return to my youthful days of journal writing. Just as soon as I get my writing mojo back I plan to take 4 engineering classes, I can't tell if this is crazy or smart.
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