Cora (bluevelvetcrush) wrote,

out with the old and in with the "say what?!"

Kath Em and I discovered the new cool thing to do since say some really disgusting offensive thing quickly followed by say what? And then present a quimsical look which requires the other person to say "what?" thereby annoucing that they are the formentioned disgusting offensive thing. It's even funnier when you say non- disgusting offensive

seaglasscollectorsaywhat? :quimzical look::


you are totes a sea glass collector!

My sister has perfected the quimsical look..she sticks out her lower lip so gracefully....I try to mimic her but my bottom lip just ain't as big!

Anyways we were going at this for about 45 mins...and as I retell this now I still have a little smirk on my face....heh
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