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Back on track

I talked with my advisor and my thermo professor and I realized that failing midterms is actually not the end of the world, and that is still possible to get a decent well...that drama is over.

My birthday was amazing. My birthday party consisted of H and I getting madd drunk and hitting on queers at some homo club in boston. Upon are arrival, we were reminded by the bouncer that it was "gay night", we said are pleases and thank yous and slid right in. The moral of the story is..whoever said picking up hotties in the bathroom was tacky is really was so strange to be the only ladies there. I spent SOO much money...but that's was my fucking birthday.

I was just deleting all my old e-mails and i found an e-mail from the people at tazo tea who make this one kind of tea called passion that I really like, so I was inquiring where i could purchase some in new haven besides starbucks..ick. Here was there response.


Thank you for taking the time to write. Your search for enlightenment
into the world of Tazo is to be admired. With this first step on your
path, I hope that you find the answers you seek. (Tea-related answers,

Generally speaking, you can find an assortment of Tazo products sold by
the box for home use in any Starbucks across North America as well as in
many natural and specialty food stores. In New Haven you can find Tazo
at the Edge of the Woods grocery on 379 Whalley Ave. Shaw's
supermarkets also carry a selection of our teas.

If you are still unable to find what you are looking for, here are some
websites that feature Tazo:

You can also call Cook's Nook at 1-888-557-8761 or Coffee AM at

Kind regards.

Shaman's Apprentice

For a while I thought this was some sort of computer generated thing, I think the first part must be, but damn, I haven't gotten an e-mail this good since. I can't believe she really cares about my "search for enlightment". Maybe I need to get in touch with this girl Jen again, but I can't think of another tea related question.
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