Cora (bluevelvetcrush) wrote,

the effing weather

People who greet each other by discussing the weather are lame, and i have to say that I'm one of them. I mean I really like all the people I work with, but constant small talk about the weather makes me want to throwup. And if it isn't the weather it's the a/c and how high it's on, and how annoying the director is for taking the office with 3 windows, and then insisting the a/c is down at 73 degrees...jesus..and I thought we were an environmental org. What's an appropriate answer to produce an interesting conversation from such boring small talk. Here are some of the answers I've come up with..

"Yah, the high to low pressure change is throwing off my menstrual cycle"

"look at my under breast sweat" ::raise arms:::

"Anorexics love air conditioning, apparently it helps you lose weight by requiring your body to spend so much energy warming you up. They also like celery."

"For me weather is a state of mind...I can make myself feel like it is any climate....ahh yess I'm picturing a crisp autumn afternoon now..."

"At least we don't have to evacuate our houses like those folks down south, oh well serves them right, they elected THAT president"

"I prefer non corporate(read:hippy) weather like Weather Underground, is a product of corporate greed. Their forecast is just another weapon in the aresenal of modern capitalism"

ahh..and now there are these pretty people here trying to sell my socially akward workplace some internet service. Fortunately my nerdy internet co-workers know a lot more than these comcast sales people.

wow..I'm glad I got that out.
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