Cora (bluevelvetcrush) wrote,

and we're back

I've had crew practice the last two days, and I pretty much suck. I'm really paying for taking a few months off, but outside of practice I'm fucking jovial. I might just drive the cynics of hopkins nuts. What a perfect way to spend valentines, rekindling my relationship with my one love that has been there for me the last 5 years, CREW!

My last crewless weekend was spent doing the usual kosher K-sleep-tea routine, and also included a little stop at our local world war II club. I now have my 2005 membership card.

Saturday we went to a benefit for a women's shelter at this super political hippy crunchy house called the root(route) 9 collective. The highlight of that event, for me anyways, was when my house mate took a loaf of banana bread that I had baked (yah I BAKED!?!), and proceeded to chow down on it with all his vegan friends. I showed up and in my usual drunken bluntness, declared "that bread ain't vegan". OOPS! I couldn't even console them with the knowledge that I had used organic yogurt.

Sunday I took a quick trip to boston and watched my sister and coxed kath at Crash B's. I also got to see holly, and eat at my favorite seafood resturant, durbin park. While driving through boston I continued, as always, to reiterate that boston is "the shit"! Kathryn agreed, so I asked her to live with me this summer, and she was like HELL YAH! So now I don't have to go about this alone, and I'm sure to have the best fucking summer EVER!

I'm a little too high on life now, I'm going to go bore myself with some homework.

p.s. today is my 5th year gay anniversa-ray
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