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SOO much food

my hair is benjamin lata. The back was soo european dyke mullet that I had to have annie hack job it til it actually looked like a haircut I could go into public with.

the semester end draws near. Work will happen and will be finished. I can't wait to get back to the hop, and eat non-meat. I can't wait to play hockey again.

In other news, as always..

I'm male, so says my CT drivers liscence...I just realized....yah I've had it since uhh...JUNE! So I'm thinking of getting a new one, but I dont know whether I should
a)mention it, because they might ask me to "prove it"?!?
B)hope they realize that I have tits and change it for me, but then maybe they wont change me and they will be afraid to ask because they will think that i am a male.. in drag...

oh shit..I really need some advice here kids. I am having a total gender crisis!
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